About ECP

We Are a Private Equity Group Dedicated to Investing in Africa

We are a Pan-African private equity firm that has raised over $2 billion through funds and co-investment vehicles for growth capital investments in over 40 countries on the African continent.

A Well-Established Track Record

Our firm has over 15 years of experience investing in Africa. We have made over 60 investments and completed nearly 40 exits. We have completed deals across a wide variety of sectors including consumer goods and services, financial services, telecommunications, infrastructure, and agriculture and we have a strong portfolio of remaining transactions.

We Know Africa from the Inside

With 70% of our employees living and working in six countries throughout Africa, our investment team has a deep reach into African markets. This enables us to gain insight into the regions’ local economies and ultimately select companies that will deliver returns.

Dedicated to Sourcing the Best Opportunities on Behalf of Our Investors

We invest in companies that operate in business environments characterized by limited competition or in sectors in which Africa has a comparative advantage or an unmet need. This strategy maintains diversification within ECP’s investment portfolio and provides our investors with risk-adjusted returns that are generally uncorrelated to the US and other global markets.

ECP works in collaboration with:

AVCACorporate Council on AfricaEMPEASAVCA